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Netfilter Workshop 2016

This is the wikipage for the Netfilter Workshop 2016. The official webpage is available at: Netfilter Workshop 2016.

Netfilter Workshop is a closed invitation-only workshop for Linux Kernel developers on the Networks stack. It is a 5 days intense workshop, with a single public user-day Netfilter meets Suricata userday on 27th June.

We will use this page during the workshop as a collaboration site.

Group picture


From left to right. First row: Harald Welte, Pablo Neira, David Miller, Shivani Bhardwaj, Yannick Brousseau, Luigi Rizzo. Second row: Soyoung Parks, Jozsef Kadlecsik, Andreas Herz, Joe Stringer, Jesper Brouer, Eric Dumazet. Third row: Thomas Graf, Daniel Mack, Simon Horman, Eric Leblond, Giuseppe Longo. Forth row: Florian Westphal, Justin Petitt, Victor Julien.

Practical stuff


User day presentations

Developer presentations

Hacking Days: Hackathon

The Hacking Days this year, will be run as a hackathon schedule/program.

See: Hacking Days Hackathon

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