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From 12th Netfilter Workshop
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Generic daily schedule:

  • 8h30: Meeting at the lobby.
  • 9h-10h20: Welcome and presentations
  • 10h20-10h30: Short coffe break
  • 10h30-11h50: Presentations
  • 12h-13h30: Lunch
  • 13h30-14h50: Presentations
  • 14h50-15h: Break
  • 15h10-16h30: Presentations
  • 16h30: Back to hotel


Tuesday 28th

Netfilter kernel updates since last workshop

IPVS updates since last workshop

Conntrack + net namespaces unresolved problems

netfilter logging infrastructure & nft


Process specific netfilter rules

Wednesday 29th

Building a dynamic firewall with iptables

Re-thinking conntrack extensions

Open vSwitch and Netfilter

buildbot for Netfilter

Automated testing

autocompletion in nft

Netfilter updates in userspace

nft known problems

nft: What's missing?

Thursday 30th

Layer3 Tunnels for Open vSwitch

nft for egress classification

A look at Netfilter's bugzilla infrastructure

  • Who: Pablo Neira
  • Estimated time: 5 minutes
  • No slides.

Your presentation

  • Who: Your name
  • Estimated time: N minutes
  • Slides:
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