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Suricata meets Netfilter userday will be happening on 27th June at the 'Vrije Universiteit (VU)' Registration through:

Meanwhile, please, include here your user day presentation proposal, we'll try to make them all fit into the schedule in a best effort fashion.


netdev keynote

nftables tutorial

Suricata Intrusion Prevention with NFQUEUE

Suricata 3.1

Vuurmuur Firewall

Amsterdamize your firewall

Fighting Word document with Suricata and Netfilter

SELKS - Black (file) magic

iptables-translate : Benefits and need

Next steps for Linux Network stack, approaching 100Gbit/s

  • Who: Jesper Brouer
  • Estimated time: 30 mins?
  • Slides: Directory and PDF

A Fast and Practical Software Packet Scheduling Architecture

  • Who: Luigi Rizzo
  • Estimated time: 30 mins

Slides: pspat presentation

Suricata and Netfilter: The mixed mode

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