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These are the User day proposals, remember these are targeted to sysadmin, devops and so on.


  • When 9h.
  • Who: Netfilter coreteam.
  • Time: 15 minutes.

Suricata and its interaction with Netfilter

  • When: 9h15.
  • Who: Eric Leblond
  • Type: Talk
  • Description: An introduction to Suricata IDS/IPS with focus on Netfilter interaction.
  • Time: 45 minutes

Coffe break

  • When: 10h-10h15.


  • When: 10h15
  • Who: Joe Stringer
  • Type: talk
  • Description: Overview of the OVS and OVN projects which use Netfilter for stateful connection tracking.
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Slides: File:NFWS-OVS-intro.pdf

Introduction to kasan and syzkaller

  • When: 10h50.
  • Who: Florian Westphal
  • Type: Talk
  • Description: overview of syzkaller and how it works at a high level
  • Time: 30 minutes

Netfilter logging

  • When: 11h25.
  • Who: Eric Leblond
  • Type: talk
  • Description: An history of Netfilter logging including a presentation of Ulogd
  • Time: 30 minutes


Stop from 12h to 14h.

Linux network stack walkthrough

  • When: 14h.
  • Who: Florian Westphal
  • Type: Talk
  • Description: from nic to process and back again
  • Time: 45 minutes

Hands-on: migrate your laptop to nftables

  • When: 14h50.
  • Who: Eric Leblond / Pablo Neira
  • Type: Practical workshop session
  • Description: Migrate your laptop to use nftables.
  • Requirements: Bring your own laptop.
  • Time: 1 hour.

Coffee break

  • When: 15h50

TCP/IP is Boring: A tour of cellular protocol stacks

  • When: 16h05.
  • Who: Harald Welte
  • Type: Talk
  • Description: TCP/IP + Ethernet are boring protocols, everyone knows them at heart. This talk will be an overview about a diferent set of protocol stacks which are used just as widely: The protocol stacks of 2G and 3G cellular networks. DISCLAIMER: nothing netfilter related here!
  • Time: 45 minutes (can also fill 60 mins, if you have a shortage of talks)


  • When: 17h.