This is a good chance to show your real engagement with Netfilter and the free software community. Sponsoring the NFWS means that you actively and explicitly support the Netfilter community. Please send us an email to coreteam@netfilter.org if you are interested in sponsoring this event and we will send you our sponsorship policy. Thank you!

Thanks to out sponsors:

Silver Sponsors

Cyberoam is the provider of identity-based UTM appliances built on a unique Layer 8 Technology that penetrates through each security module allowing network security decisions of authentication, authorization and audit based on identity of the end user. Cyberoam UTM appliances offer a right balance of security-connectivity-productivity (SCP) to organizations of all sizes through its comprehensive feature set: Firewall, IPS, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Web and Content Filtering, Application Visibility and Control, Logging and Reporting, Bandwidth Management, Multiple Link Management, VPN, 3G/WWAN Connectivity, Instant Messaging Controls and IPv6 Ready. Visit us at: http://www.cyberoam.com.

With over 60,000 installations worldwide, Astaro protects business, school and government networks against IT security threats. Astaro combines the latest technologies in all-in-one solutions that are easy to deploy and manage. Distributed by a global network of certified partners, Astaro provides complete protection for headquarters, branch offices and data centers. Founded in 2000, Astaro, now a Sophos company, continues to be a leading vendor in the fast-growing market for Unified-Threat-Management. More information on http://www.astaro.com.

CloudPassage is a security SaaS provider focused on defending your virtual servers. The Halo cloud security product is unique within the industry in that it is both provider and hypervisor agnostic. This means that it can be leveraged to secure your virtual servers regardless of whether they are located privately, publicly or are highly portable between the two. Halo combines compliance checks, software vulnerability assessment, account auditing and centralized Netfilter/iptables firewall management, all into a single point of control that is portable, elastic and scalable. Halo has been purposely built to handle cloud server bursting, cloning, and migration. http://www.cloudpassage.com.

Bronze Sponsors

Founded in 2001, Intra2net AG is a leading provider of multifunctional security appliances and software. The award-winning products offer easy-to-use and comprehensive security solutions that enable small companies to effectively protect their network from malicious Internet threats. To meet users flexibility deployment is available as hardware, software or virtual appliance. Over 3.000 companies in Europe entrust their network with Intranator security solutions, free 30-day trail version is available at: http://www.intra2net.com.

Vyatta is disrupting the networking industry by providing on-demand software-based networking and security solutions that uniquely satisfy emerging IT architectures leveraging virtualization, multi-core server platforms and cloud computing models. Vyatta software and virtual machines provide a complete enterprise-class routing and security feature set that can be provisioned, licensed, billed and scaled on-demand, truly presenting the network as an application. Thousands of physical and virtual and cloud infrastructures around the world, from small enterprise to Fortune 500 customers, Federal Government to Global Telecom, are connected and protected by Vyatta.

Founded in 2002, ComX Networks has grown to become a leading Broadband Provider in Denmark, developing and delivering future oriented Communications Solutions, Services and content as well as basic Technologies. The customers are both private and business customers. Our technical platform is based Open Source components. Specifically, Netfilter is used as a core component for our customers Internet platform. ComX delivers, with a strong focus on intelligent IP-based services, High-speed Internet, VoIP, IPTV including HD-channels and Video-on-Demand and digital Cable-TV. ComX has recently entered the Mobile Telephony market.

Open Source Days is the annual IT conference in Copenhagen with all sorts of interesting topics about Open Source. Open Source Days builds on the legacy from the earlier Linuxforum-conferences, and is arranged with help from the community for the benefit of the community and the enterprise. We look forward to see you at March 5th in 2011.