Netfilter is a free software community-driven project, launched in 1998, that aims to provide firewalling tools for the GNU/Linux operating system. Since the Netfilter Workshop (NFWS) series were established in 2001, they have provided a space to present the status of the current works, to discuss on-going research challenges and to elaborate the development plan.

Following the lastest successful NFWS in Paris, France. We are happy to announce that the next event in these series will take place in Seville, Andalusia, Spain, from October 18th to 21th, 2010; in the facilities of the ETS Ingeniería Informática of the University of Seville in the Reina Mercedes Campus.

Call for participation

The attendance is free but it requires an invitation. You may consider attending if you are involved in any aspect of the Linux networking, and more specifically the Netfilter and the Linux Virtual Server projects. Please, send us an email to coreteam@netfilter.org before 28th July, 2010 (strict deadline). We have a very limited number of invitations!


We would like to thank to our sponsors: