Netfilter is the FOSS software community-driven project, launched in 1998, that provides firewalling tools for the GNU/Linux operating system. The Netfilter Workshop (NFWS) is the main event organized for and by the Netfilter community. During the workshop days, Linux kernel networking and Netfilter developers meet and discuss the status of the on-going Netfilter-related developments and the plans for the near future.

Following the lastest successful NFWS in Malaga, Spain. We are glad to announce that the next event in these series will take place on the Internet, in dates November 13th and 20th 2020.

Call for participation

Attendance requires an invitation. Linux networking developers with contributions to any of the Netfilter subsystems and users with interesting usecases and open problems are also welcome. We have traditionally left room for other projects that rely on Netfilter infrastructure such as the Linux Virtual Server project. You can send us proposals in a very lightweight format: title and quick abstract (not more than 500 words!) as well as estimated time to present.

Please, send us your proposal to coreteam@netfilter.org