4th Netfilter Developers workshop

Following the three successful netfilter developer workshops 2001 (Enschede, NL), 2003 (Budapest, HU) and 2004 (Erlangen, GE), we are happy to announce the next event in this series. The workshop will be held in Seville, Spain. This year the workshop covers two sections:

- Users conference from 3th to 4th Oct.
- Developers workshop from 5th to 6th Oct, plus two extra days of hacking on code days from 7th to 8th Oct.

As you should know, netfilter and iptables are building blocks of a framework inside the Linux 2.4.x and 2.6.x kernel. This framework enables packet filtering, network address [and port] translation (NA[P]T) and other packet mangling. It is the re-designed and heavily improved successor of the previous Linux 2.2.x ipchains and Linux 2.0.x ipfwadm systems. More info here.

NFWS2005 will provide an important venue for discussing on-going research and development in Netfilter. The workshop will include a panel discussion of relevant topics.

It will take place at the School of Computer Engineering, located at Reina Mercedes' Campus in Sevilla. It is a nice setting with elegant surroundings and comfortable facilities, due to the amount of students in the area.

The School has a 24.000 m2 building, which is currently being renewed. There are twelve departments, six of which have their headquarters in the School, and over 3.000 students. It is also worth mentioning that there are about 150 foreign students every year.

Organization committee:

* Pablo NEIRA AYUSO, Netfilter Project (netfilter.org)
* Harald WELTE, Netfilter Project (netfilter.org)
* Sergio POZO HIDALGO, Departamento de Lenguajes Y Sistemas Informaticos (LSI), Laboratory for Information Systems and Security Group (LABIS2)
* Javier DE MIGUEL RODRIGUEZ, Local GNU/Linux Users Group (SUGUS).

Workshop Organizers:

* The Netfilter Project
* Local GNU/Linux User Group SUGUS
* QUIVIR LABIS2 - Laboratory for Information Systems and Security Group