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This is a record of the presentations given during the 2-days closed developer-only meeting of Netfilter Workshop.

  • A total of 22 talks were given during these 2-days
  • Slides have been added to some of the talks
    • but these talks are highly discussion based, which is difficult to capture on slides
    • (we have video recorded some of the talks, but the video is still on the editing table...)


Monday 11th


Introductions and setup


  • Kronosnet (Fabio)
    • Description: VPNs on steroids
    • Timing: 20 min


  • Removing the routing cache (DaveM)
    • Slides
    • Description: Dave presents an overview about the changes as a result of the routing cache removal and how we actually got more performance out of it by doing less operations.
    • Timing: 35 minutes


  • DDoS and netfilter (Topholm)
    • Description: a DDoS use-case and netfilter approaches
    • Timing: 15 minutes
    • Caused long discussion and interaction with Eric Dumazet
    • Blog summary which reference rejected patchset (May-2012)


Lunch. At the hotel.


  • NF summary of changes since last workshop (Pablo)
    • Description: Short summary of changes in netfilter since the last workshop
    • Timing: 15 min
  • Recent and Not So Recent Developments in IPVS (Simon)
    • Description: Summary of the past 2½ years of IPVS development.
    • Timing: 5 min (Pablo covered most of Simons updates)
  • TCP stack scalability (Eric Dumazet)
    • Slides
    • Description: Addressing the listener lock contention.
    • Timing: 25 min (very interesting discussions with DaveM)
    • (We might have solved all SYN/SYNACK based DoS attacks) G+


Cake ... Happy Birthday to Patrick McHardy

  • Hallway "track"


  • flowtop a top-like view of ConnTracks (Daniel)
    • Slides
    • Description: A new minimal tool for top-like conntracking with geo locating (part of netsniff-ng)
    • Timing: 10min
  • New iptables automated testing framework (Pablo)
    • Descrition: A new python script to run automated tests on iptables
    • Type: Presentation
    • Timing: 15 min
  • Helpers in userspace (Pablo)
    • Description: The new userspace infrastructure for connection tracking helpers
    • Type: Presentation
    • Timing: 15 min


  • WTF (Eric Leblond)
    • Description: Word Transfer Finds, a method to detect Office Word documents using Suricata and rate limiting the connections through which such document is passed. :-)
    • Timing: 15 min
  • Suricata vs Netfilter (Victor/Eric)


Coffee brake — hallway track ;-)


  • MPLS Enlightened Open vSwitch (Simon)
    • Description: Brief tour of my struggle to add MPLS support to Open vSwitch.
    • Timing: 15 min


End of presentations.

Light hacking.


Copenhagen "tourist" tour around Kongens Nytorv, Nyhavn, Amalienborg Slotsplats and Frederiks Kirke.


Dinner at Den Tatoverde Enke ("the tatoo-ed widow" [widow as in the spider])

Tuesday 12th


  • nftables - kernel framework to replace iptables (Pablo)


(short coffee break)

  • ipset - status are recent development (Jozsef)


Lunch at the hotel.


  • ebtables sucks, how can we make it suck less? (Jesper)
    • Slides
    • Description: Initial problem statement and follow-up open discussion
    • Type: Discussion
    • Timing: 20 min
  • connman (Tomasz)
    • Slides‎
    • Description: internet connection manager, usage of netfilter
    • Timing: 15 minutes


  • “Merge Me” (Jan)
    • Description: Proposing xt2 for merging - a retry at a discussion after it was cut off in Dec2012 ML post
    • Type: Discussion
    • Timing: 45 min (real time approx 2 hours)


  • infrastructure updates (Pablo)
    • Description: the new infrastructure
    • Timing: 15 min
  • Find a word starting by "doc" (Eric)
    • Description: Discussion around the documentation of the different Netfilter components
    • Timing: 15min
  • Automatic tests ? (Eric)
    • Description: How can we avoid "buggy" release and discussion about automated testing?
    • Timing: 15min


  • netsniff-ng toolkit for devel/debugging (Daniel)


  • Netlink attribute alignment (Thomas Graf)
    • Description: Discussion around fixing 64bit Netlink attribute alignments
    • Timing: 10 minutes

Wednesday and Thursday

See: Hacking Days Hackathon

Below talks were giving Thursday hacking-days/hackathon:

  • ulogd2 (Eric Leblond)
    • Description: what's new and what's the next step
    • Timing: 20min

  • generalizing CT template & Jamal's conntrack at ingress (Pablo)
    • Description: Jamal wants to use CT from ingress
    • Timing: 15 min
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